Roots Elementary cultivates wonder into a lifetime of opportunity.


At Roots, we live and breathe our GROW values. From our students to our team, these core values are evident in everything that we do and every decision that we make. Get to know our GROW values:

Grit Our work is fun, but it is also hard. We look every challenge square in the face and say, “bring it on!” We are not afraid to fail. When we do, we pick ourselves up. When others do, we extend a hand.
Relationships Roots is a school family. We respect our teachers, our classmates, our community and ourselves. We see strengths in all people first. We use our words to solve problems and always assume the best. Our kindness is contagious.
Ownership We take ownership over our words and actions. We are open and honest. We make plans for our plans. We freely admit mistakes and embrace difficult conversations. We deeply feel our shared responsibility for all our scholars.
Wonder Education done right begins and ends in wonder. We marvel at – and are humbled by – one another and the world around us. We are obsessed with questions – the questions we ask our scholars, ourselves, our teammates, and most importantly the questions we inspire our scholars to ask of us.